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Cosmetic and Medical Foot Care


I offer a variety of lovely cosmetic and medical Podiatry treatments from corn removal to pedicures (podicures) to nail cutting. All treatments include an assessment and aftercare advice.

Cosmetic Podiatry Treatments

Luxury Medi-Pedi £60 (60 mins)

Why not give your feet a treat with this luxurious foot treatment? Your feet will love you for it.

A 'Medical' pedicure consists of a soothing foot soak to sanitise the skin, an exfoliating foot scrub to remove dead skin cells and polish skin and a moisturising foot rub to hydrate the skin. Nails are cut, filed, shaped and prepped and hard skin removed. 'Laqish' gel nail polish applied and cured under LED nail lamp. 'Laqish' is a specially formulated 3 in 1 gel toenail polish which doesn't discolour the nail plate and gives a long lasting shine.

Podicure with nail polish £40 (40 mins)

Perfect pampering for your feet to get your feet looking glam.

Nails cut, file, shape and prep, hard skin removal and a moisturising foot rub. 'Wow' nail polish applied. 'Wow' is a fast drying, vibrant nail polish that looks like a gel (best bit is, it's easy to remove by yourself).

Podicure with gel polish £45 (45 mins)

Add a splash of gel polish to your nails. Great if you like your nail colour to last longer than a regular polish.

Nails (cut, file, shape and prep), hard skin removed and moisturising foot rub. 'Laqish' gel nail polish applied and cured under LED nail lamp.

**Please note these treatments are a lot more in depth then normal beauty pedicures. All equipment used is either sterilised or disposable therefore ensuring the treatment is completely hygienic and eliminates any risk of cross infection. I am also qualified to use a scalpel on hard skin and corns which is more effective than buffing.

*All nails should be clear of polish/gel/acrylic before any treatment.

Add on extras to compliment these treatments

Paraffin Wax Therapy with Foot Mask £15 (15 mins)

A lovely treatment that will stimulate circulation, soften and rehydrate skin and relieve muscle and joint pain. Great if you're suffering with arthritis.

Lower leg and foot massage £15 (15 mins)

A combination of massage and reflexology to relax and soothe tired feet and legs.

Finger nails £10

Finger nails trimmed and filed (this is not a manicure).

Sports Pedicure £45 (45 mins)

Whether you're a gym bunny or not you'll be proudly showing off your feet after this fantastic treatment.

Nails cut, filed and buffed to a natural shine, hard skin reduced, foot scrub to polish the skin and remove dead skin cells, foot mask with paraffin wax therapy to stimulate circulation, soften and rehydrate skin and relieve muscle and joint pain. Finished off with a moisturising foot rub.

Toenail Reconstruction £(price upon assessment)

Ideal for damaged or fungal nails to give appearance of normal healthy nails. Fantastic results that last for up to 6 weeks. If nails are fungal this can be used in conjunction with Lacuna™ meaning nails are also being treated whilst appearing healthy.

Five minute fungal nail test £45

A sample of nail is taken and tested. Immediate results (5 minutes) to determine whether nail is fungal or not. The result allows you and I to determine the best course of treatment for your nails. (can only be carried out during a treatment).

Lacuna™ Treatment for fungal nails £(price upon assessment)

A great effective treatment to help banish fungal nails. No need for oral medication.

Biomechanics £50 (30 mins)

For people with foot pain. A full Biomechanics assessment - checking the positioning and alignment of your body, assessing your gait (how you walk), foot care advice, padding, strapping or silicone devices provided (if required), advice on orthoses (insoles) which are available to purchase (if required).

Home visits £32-£40 (up to 40 mins)

Routine or Advanced Podiatry treatments available for housebound clients in the comfort of their own home.

Routine Podiatry Treatment £30 (30 mins)

A Lovely 'Chiropody' treatment to get your feel looking their best.

Normal nails cut and file and /or hard skin removal, moisturising foot rub.

Advanced Podiatry Treatment £35 (35 mins)

Perfect if you've difficulty cutting your nails or have hard skin or corns that are hard to remove.

Thickened/Problematic toe nails and/or heavy foot callous/corn removal, padding (if required), moisturising foot rub.

Ingrowing Toenails £35 (30 mins)

Removal of ingrowing toenail spur (cut, filed and cleared), dressings (extra dressings provided, if required), other nails cut and filed.

Verruca Treatment £40 (30 mins)

Depending on lesion ie size, location, duration and patients medical history; sharp debridement of verruca/verrucae either on its own or with salicylic acid or silver nitrate. Dressings and padding (if required) applied and provided. Follow up treatments may be required.

Diabetic Assessment £(inc with any full treatment)

Checking circulation, sensation, skin quality etc. Categorise as low, medium or high risk depending on outcome of assessment. I was a Specialist podiatrist for Diabetes in the NHS for many years so I am highly knowledgable in treating and assessing clients with diabetes.

"Amazing results and advice from Karen. Highly recommend. My partner has had sore feet through his work and she relieved his pain in one session. Follow up appointments required but he feels like he has new feet."

Angela, East Kilbride